This Tiny Phone Stand Is Like Having A Professional Tripod In Your Pocket (Is This 2023’s Best Invention Already?!)

By Brian Stephens
Published on 06/17/2024 at 6:28 PM

It’s the most portable way to prop up your phone, according to over 200,000 happy customers who can't live without it.

Why did it take so long to create the perfect phone stand?!

The truth is, there are plenty of phone stands and tripods to choose from — but they’re all inherently flawed!

First off, those pop-up phone stands and loop-style grips are nice and compact… but they offer a limited range of positions. Plus, they obstruct the speaker or force you to use your front-facing camera… so you never get the audio quality OR picture quality you paid for!

The other option is to bring a tripod or selfie stick everywhere you go… but they’re way too bulky and impractical for daily use.

So it’s more likely that you’ll eventually give it up and go back to propping up your phone as best you can.

But that’s not just a recipe for unusable, poorly framed shots… when you consider the fact that 1 in 5 people have broken their phone while taking a selfie, it’s also begging for an expensive accident!

If you’re even mildly serious about your iPhone photography, you clearly need a tripod of some sort. So why are they all so terrible?

It’s kind of crazy when you think about the fact that 97% of Americans own a smartphone these days! Plus, we take the majority of pictures and videos on our smartphones… and over half of global video is watched on mobile devices.

Well, it turns out we’re not the only ones who thought it was strange that a better way to use our phones hands-free didn’t exist yet… and recently, a California entrepreneur rolled up his sleeves and did something about it. Meet Pocket Tripod — the most useful phone stand you’ll ever see!

What is Pocket Tripod — and why is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak raving about it?!

Pocket Tripod is a revolution in phone stand design — it’s a fully functional phone and tablet tripod stand that folds up into a credit-card sized shape and fits in your pocket, allowing you to use your phone hands-free wherever you go!

After seeing it once, you’ll have to agree: It’s pretty genius. Even Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, was blown away… in fact, he said he “wished he invented it”!

There are tons of reasons the Pocket Tripod is such a brilliant invention. For starters:

It firmly holds any phone (even if it’s in a phone case — any case!) in either portrait or landscape mode…

It won’t muffle your audio…

It won’t show up in the sides of your pictures and videos…

And thanks to the precision pivot points, you can position it at any angle you need to get the perfect shot!

Plus, when you fold your Pocket Tripod up, it’s exactly as thin as 2 standard credit cards.

What Makes Pocket Tripod So Versatile?

Tripods were a great innovation when they first came on the scene. But camera technology has advanced leaps and bounds since then… not to mention the way we use it (your phone is pocket-sized… why shouldn’t your tripod be?). And unfortunately, tripod technology has lagged behind.

That’s why Pocket Tripod is so revolutionary. It offers:

✅ The most compact, portable design that can still keep your phone steady

✅ Unlimited positioning in both portrait and landscape modes

✅ Unobstructed use for both audio and hi-res camera

✅ Universal adapters for every phone

✅ Premium materials with a Lifetime Warranty

✅ TSA-safety approval

✅ Easy, one-hand pickup

The result: a Steve-Wozniak-approved, triple-patented, award-winning phone and tablet stand!

How Does Pocket Tripod Compare To The Competition?

It’s true, Pocket Tripod isn’t actually a “tripod” at all.

It’s more like a “James-Bond-gadget-meets-Swiss-Army-Knife-meets-Transformer” device stand. It’s made of durable carbon fiber, giving it a long life of use… but the precision pivot points are what make it truly special.

The right-angle triangles allow it to swivel up into a stand… and swivel back down into a credit card shape. This mechanical-engineering-genius is what truly sets it apart from every other stand and tripod on the market.

Because no other phone or tablet stand can become so tiny!

It’s Smaller, More Portable, and INFINITELY More Positionable…

Pocket Tripod is a must-have tool for anyone with a phone or tablet. Once you have a Pocket Tripod, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Whether at home or on the go, Pocket Tripod is perfect for:

Video chatting with Nana while learning her family-famous recipe

Learning an instrument (you need both hands!)

Video calls — for work or social purposes

Watching videos while waiting in restaurants

Filming professional videos or social media content (it’s super steady!)

✅ Filming time lapses

✅ Taking selfies & family photos

Where To Find An Authentic Pocket Tripod (And Why You Haven’t Heard Of It Yet)

Haven’t heard of Pocket Tripod yet? That’s because it’s not available in stores. You can only find it online. And there’s  no better deal than when you order directly from the brand.

Even better, they’re offering a special deal to celebrate their endorsement from Steve Wozniak. For a limited time, you can get a FREE Pocket Tripod when you order 2 — or 2 FREE Pocket Tripods when you order 3!

To get started with hands-free, uber-positionable videos, photos, and more, all you need to do is:

Follow the link below to order your Pocket Tripod at a discount.

Start living a perfect angle, “zero wrist pain” life…without getting weighed down by bulky equipment!

Update: Order bulk = Save more!

+ Get FREE SHIPPING when you order 2 or more

+ SAVE an additional 15% off, PLUS get FREE SHIPPING when you order 4 or more!

+ Don’t forget — they make excellent gifts!

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Can you show me how to use it correctly?

Does Pocket Tripod work with a thick case like Otterbox?

Yes! Pocket Tripod is universal, and works with any phone and case as slim as 6.0 mm (1/4 inch) up to 12.5 mm (1/2 inch). This includes Otterbox cases.

The legs have actual carbon fiber embedded in them. Specifically 3K Twill carbon fiber, precision CNC'd and overmolded with plastic to enable it to snap into position when transforming from card to tripod and back. Here's a quick video showing how it's made:

Do I need a special wallet to carry my Pocket Tripod?

No, any wallet that is designed to hold standard credit cards is ideal. Keep in mind that Pocket Tripod is 2.29 mm (0.090 inch) thick. So it takes exactly the same space as two embossed credit cards stacked on top. We do recommend carrying your tripod in a wallet instead of it being just in your pocket, as the wallet will protect it against bending excessively and potentially breaking if sat on.

Is Pocket Tripod TSA approved for air travel?

Yes! Pocket Tripod doesn't have any sharp or metal components. Our customers have never had any issues passing through airport security and bringing their Pocket Tripod on a plane. In fact we recommend that you bring it along to give you a convenient hands-free way to hold your phone on your flight.

How durable is Pocket Tripod?

Pocket Tripod has a very robust construction, and is durable enough to last you many many years. The parts are connected by well-designed hinges and can withstand thousands of cycles.

If the parts are bent forcibly in the wrong way, they can pop out of their hinges and in the process break off a piece. Please review the operations manual included in the package prior to using your Pocket Tripod. In the event that a part breaks off due to misuse, please contact us, and we'll replace the broken piece so that you can continue using your Pocket Tripod.

How soft are the contact points that grip on to the phone?

Just soft enough to protect the phone, the screen protector, and a delicate case from any scratches or chips — yet rigid enough to maintain the angle of the phone without feeling wobbly. To the touch, it feels like inline skate wheels, and in fact is made of the same durable TPU material.

What if the size I need isn't included in the Universal Kit?

No problem! We'll send you the size you need at no additional charge. Use the included store credit in the box to order the size you need.

What if I upgrade my phone or change its case?

The half-circular parts that hold your device, called the Adapters, are interchangeable. We carry a range of 15 Adapter sizes that can be swapped to match the thickness of your future devices. Adapters are available in any size between 6.0 mm (1/4 inch) and 12.5 mm (1/2 inch). You can order Adapters directly from our store.

Does Pocket Tripod work with non-Apple / Android phones?

Yes, Pocket Tripod is designed to be universal. The only thing you need for compatibility is for the opening size to match the thickness of your device, regardless of the make and model.

Does Pocket Tripod work with cases and/or screen protectors?

Yes, thanks to soft contact points, your screen protector or delicate leather case will be protected against scratches.

In terms of compatibility, the only thing to keep in mind is for the opening size to match the thickness of your device with a case and screen protector. The largest available opening size is 12.5 mm (1/2 inch).

A piece of my Pocket Tripod broke off, is this covered under warranty?

Yes. Your Pocket Tripod is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects under normal use. Although very rare, sometimes some parts might be defective and sections of them may snap off under normal use. If this has happened to your Pocket Tripod, please email us and include a picture of the broken piece. Unless there’s signs of excessive bending or misuse, we will send you replacement parts so that you can have a working tripod again.

Will you notify me by email when my order has shipped?

Yes, we will send an invoice by email when your order has been placed and another when your order has been shipped.

If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam or junk mail folder.

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