How Did This Weird Octopus-Inspired Gadget Win Shark Tank?!

By David Windsor
Published on 06/17/2024 at 6:33 PM

It looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, but it’s so brilliant that it sold out within 5 minutes! And there are hundreds of uses for it…

Okay, I admit it… this innovation really reached out and grabbed me!

With all the junk out there, it takes something truly different, useful, and cutting-edge to get my attention…

And Tenikle is undoubtedly one of those products.

What can I say!? I’m picky. I review tech products for a living, so the latest gadgets in Sharper Image or Popular Mechanics are usually just meh to me.

But after seeing Tenikle on Shark Tank, I had to test it out… and honestly, now I wonder how I ever lived without it!

What is Tenikle?

Tenikle is a phone and tablet mount that attaches to almost anything with its bendy, positionable legs and strong suction cups.

It’s like a tripod and a twist tie had a baby… that looks like an octopus!

It holds phones, cameras, tablets and more, allowing you to firmly mount your device virtually anywhere.

Not only does it let you go hands-free in seconds, it also rotates in every direction, so you’re not limited to just portrait or landscape mode. No matter how awkward your mounting surface is, you can tweak your phone’s screen to literally any angle!

And the best part is that Tenikle:

  • Won’t cover your audio
  • Won’t block any of your buttons or plugs
  • Never covers either camera

I use Tenikle every day — there are endless ways to use it!

Tenikle instantly suctions onto any smooth surface, so you can securely film video footage, video chat with family, or watch instructional videos while you fix things around the house…

No smooth surface? No problem! Tenikle’s long arms wrap securely around almost anything — poles, branches, doorknobs, branches, fence posts, you name it!

So you can still film footage, capture time lapses, follow instructions, or video chat on your device.

Tenikle performs all the functions of a tripod, selfie stick AND computer mount — and it fits in your pocket!

I love that I don’t need to carry around a heavy tripod — Tenikle works just as well for my needs, and since it’s so easy to bring along, I always have it with me when I need it most.

It’s awesome for travel, too!

No matter how you travel, whether by plane, train, boat, car, surfboard, or bike… Tenikle can help you get there safely (and/or film the journey).

Tenikle has hundreds of uses whether you’re a content creator, nature lover, world traveler, athlete, teen, or busy parent. Wherever you are when you need your device, Tenikle makes your life easier.

Tenikle also comes in handy for workouts!

Whether you’re filming yourself, checking your form, or following a workout video, Tenikle gives you the perfect angle.

And Tenikle is a LIFESAVER for busy parents. It allows your phone to stand in as a baby monitor, it simplifies traveling, and it keeps your kids entertained no matter where they are!

How Does it Work?

Tenikle mounts onto just about any surface with its ultra-strong suction cups and bendable grippy legs.

Smooth surfaces are easy to suction onto — Tenikle mounts instantly! For crooked or irregularly-shaped surfaces, simply use the bendable legs to create a strong grip in seconds.

The flexible phone mount makes Tenikle even more adaptable. It can bend and twist in any direction, making your device infinitely positionable, but sturdy at the same time.

Tenikle is an outlier as far as tech products go because it requires zero setup. You can use it right out of the box for virtually any camera, phone, or tablet you have in your house. And Tenikle can hold up to 100x its weight!

What Makes Tenikle so Unique?

Phone mounts like tripods, selfie sticks and computer mounts only perform one function, so you’re left with two annoying options. You either don’t have the mount you need, or you’re stuck carrying around multiple phone mounts.

Some mounts only work for one device, like a tablet, camera, or phone. Some are expensive, easily broken, or too bulky to carry around.

Others cover up your camera, muffle your audio, or obstruct your phone cord.

And most camera mounts are extremely limited in the angles they can hold and the surfaces they can mount on.

But Tenikle doesn’t have any of those limitations!

Tenikle can be mounted virtually anywhere, at any angle, in just seconds. It’s waterproof, super durable, and so progressive that it’s patented.

How Did Tenikle Win on Shark Tank?

The story behind Tenikle’s rise to viral success is almost as fascinating as the device itself.

Hans Dose was at the end of his rope when he appeared on Season 13 of Shark Tank. He only had $39 in his bank account and was $270,000 in debt… plus he was living in an RV with his wife.

Daymond John understood Hans’ situation — he’d been in a similar situation himself. Daymond partnered with Hans, investing $200,000 for 30% of the company!

And things have been looking up for Hans since then. When the Shark Tank episode aired, Tenikle sold out online within 5 minutes and it shot up to the #1 product in the phone mount category.

Where To Get Tenikle

As of this writing, Tenikle is not yet available in stores. In fact, it’s even become difficult to find online because of its viral popularity!

Since 97% of U.S. homes have at least one cell phone, millions of people are going to be competing for the available Tenikles.


Tenikle really has a “grip” on cell phone users worldwide — they keep selling out! If it’s available today, you will NOT want to miss out on it. Even better, last time I checked they were offering special discounts… so don’t wait, click the link below to see if Tenikle is in stock now!

All things considered, Tenikle is one of the most genius innovations I’ve seen (and also the least expected!). It’s like your phone case and power bank — once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Anyone with a phone, camera, or tablet will get MORE than their money’s worth out of it!

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