How This Game-changing Tool Replaced My Husband (…Sort Of)

By Brittany
Published on 06/17/2024 at 6:59 PM

When my husband said he had a “special surprise” for me, I never imagined it would be one of these! But one Saturday morning I got fed up waiting for him to fix our house, and you’ll never guess what happened next…

My husband is the best handyman in town.

At least, that’s what everyone else says about him...Because for the last 30 years he’s been fixing up everyone’s homes, porches, balconies, doors, and windows—you name it, he can fix it.

But there’s just one problem.

On weekends, he just wants to relax and spend time with the kids. And the last thing in the world he wants to do is fix up our house. I can’t say I blame him, but these little household repairs kept piling up!

One day I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to fix the kitchen cabinet that had been bugging me for years.

But I had no idea where to begin!

I’ve never been a “DIY-er.”

And I don’t know what most of my husband’s tools are called… or what they do for that matter.

There are at least 13 different screwdrivers, a couple of hammers, a whatchacallit—a wrench? (I think?) And a ton of other things I don’t know the name of...and they’re all tossed randomly into our dirty toolbox.

After rummaging around for a few minutes I finally found what appeared to be the screwdriver I needed. Long story short, the screwdriver I chose ended up being too small and I accidentally stripped the screw and just made the whole thing worse! Aggghh!

When my husband got home from work I immediately showed him what I’d done.

He quickly pulled a handy little tool out of his pocket, popped in a driver bit and fixed the cabinet right away. (I guess it sometimes pays to have the right tool for the job…)

He then looked me in the eye, held up the tool he’d taken out of his pocket moments before, and placed it in my hand.

“This,” he said, “is going to help you a lot”

“It’s called Kelvin17, and it’s the same one that the pros use. It makes everything easier.” he said.

“In fact, it’s not one tool, but 17 of the most essential everyday tools in one easy-to-use device. It has everything you need for these small fixes around the house — which is why I want you to have it.”

I had to admit, I liked the idea of how I had all the tools I needed right in the palm of my hand. And after all, it was pretty cool looking and he knew red is my favorite color (it also comes in other neat colors too).

So when I found out he had an out-of-town job to go to next weekend, I was determined to try this “super tool” and see if I could fix some things around the house with it.

Here’s what happened

As soon as his car pulled out from the driveway, I went right to the kitchen drawer and pulled out the Kelvin17.

It was sturdy and strong. In fact, it felt just like a regular tool, only lighter and more comfortable to hold in my hands.

First thing on my list? Tightening the screws on our front door handle and the cabinet knobs in our kitchen—they were practically falling off!

I opened up the Kelvin17 cover, selected a piece that looked like it might work, and popped it into the magnetic screwdriver.

Two minutes later, the cabinet knobs and front door handle were tight.

I was stunned. That was much easier than I thought and now I was really feeling ambitious!

So I decided to put together the bookshelf we bought that was still in the box collecting dust in the bedroom. I thought I’d get as far as taking the pieces out of the box. But to my surprise, I put it together all by myself in less than 40 minutes!

TIP: This tool is actually PERFECT for flatpack furniture. You can also use the hammer to tap in the wooden dowels they give you (that’s a word I learned that day), then screw in those little pieces they give you using the screwdriver from my Kelvin17.

And thanks to the built-in flashlight, attaching screws in the dark corners of this black bookcase was a piece of cake.

I even put together an entire play kitchen for my kids with it!

It’s also great for quickly changing batteries, which everything seems to use nowadays.

It’s so compact and lightweight (weighs less than a pound!). The screwdriver also turns 90º, making it super easy to use. If you have any occasional hand pain or arthritis you’ll LOVE this thing.

I never would have imagined fixing up the house could be this easy!

Once my eldest son woke up from his nap he stepped in to help me put together his playthings!

You can excuse the chocolate on his face 😂

And if this isn’t a testament to how easy it is to use I don’t know what is!

Once it was finally done, I stood up to look at my handywork and smiled.

Then I heard chuckling coming from behind me.

It was my husband!

He walked up to me, put his arms around me and said, “Well, well, looks like I’ve got some competition around here!”

It only took me one Saturday morning to master doing small projects around the house!

And now any time something needs fixing, I don’t even have to wait for my husband to get home from work, or nag him to do it.

I simply pull out my Kelvin17 and get it done!

And I love that it comes with all the MUST-HAVE tools I really need, like:

  • Carbon steel hammer
  • Liquid level
  • LED flashlight
  • 3ft flexible tape measure
  • Flip-action screwdriver with 90º locking
  • 12 Extra hardened alloy driver bits
    • 4 (3 Extra) Philips head bits
    • 3 Flathead bits
    • 3 Allen key bits
    • 3 Torx bits
  • All packaged in its own ingenious carry case

I can use it now to take care of any “fix-it” jobs. If the box says, “some assembly required” you’ll definitely want to use this.

But don’t just take my word for it. Even Kylie Watts loves her Kelvin17, saying:

“I presented a lot of these multi-tools over the years and this one is my absolute favorite because every single piece in here is something you will use.”

They've sold over 60,000 Kelvin17 to date and counting!!

That’s over $1,200,000 worth of Kelvin17 tools!

And customers are raving about it with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars!

Based on reviews

I cannot believe how often I use this tool and wonder how I got along without it! No matter what tool I need, it's there! Even a hammer!!! I am happy I bought this tool!

- Linda

Amazing tiny and mighty the right tool for everything love love love

Cant say if item will withstand the test of time. However I love the idea of this pocket knife tool. I have friends moving into a "tiny house" and thought this would be great for handy tool access. A definite kitchen drawer item.

Great tool for around the house

Great to keep around your desk or take when camping, does lots of things, very well for its size. Doesn't replace an actual hammer or screwdriver, but can always be close by you when the toolbox itself is not handy.

But it’s not just handy to have around the house. Because the Kelvin17 also makes a great gift.

My sister’s son just moved into his first apartment for college and so we gave him one. (He’s sure going to need it without his parents around to bail him out!)

The best “surprise” I ever received

Thanks to the Kelvin17 I’m no longer nervous about using tools! It’s the most practical (and wonderful) surprise I ever received!

And now whenever something needs fixing around our house, I just look at my husband, wink and say, “I got this!”


Thank you for your responses – clearly, a lot of you are loving your new Kelvin17! I’m so happy that I could point you all in the right direction.

The creators of Kelvin17 are currently running a special promotion – for a limited time, you’ll get 2 FREE Kelvin17 when you buy 3. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal and they make such a great gift – honestly, it’s the perfect promotion. I don’t know how long this will last, so definitely act now to take advantage of it!

So if you’ve ever struggled using tools, or need to get things fixed up around the house real quick, click the link below now to check if the Kelvin17 is still available in your area (I heard it regularly sells out, and frankly, I’m not surprised!)